ZOMBIES :: A Baloji music video


:: Vimeo Staff Pick
:: Principal Prize, Oberhausen, 2019
:: "Incredible... Tackles our obsession with being ever-connected and always-on...." Dazed
:: "High-octane... A visual declaration about the zombie-fying effects of communication technology..." Nowness
:: "Baloji can do it all... A bold statement on technology's firm leash on society... The music slaps, the visuals are gold, and the fashion is second to none. Be sure to watch this film." AfroPunk
:: "Stunning... A commentary on today's cellphone culture... essentially making us 'zombies' and taking over our bodies." OkayAfrica


:: Writer | Director | Stylist | Art Direction :: Baloji
:: DoP: Joachim Philippe
:: Editor: Bruno Tracq