THE VALLEY :: A Nuno Escudeiro documentary

'The Valley' documentary by Nuno Escudeiro


High in the French Alps, on the border between Italy and France, African migrants fleeing war, poverty and political persecution risk their lives crossing dangerous mountain routes.

Witnessing the increasing influx of refugees, local communities in the Roya and Durance Valleys start providing them with shelter, food and legal counselling.

But providing assistance to undocumented migrants is a criminal offense, and the charitable actions of those citizen groups have put them on the wrong side of the law...


:: Emerging International Filmmaker Award, Hot Docs, 2019


"At a time when migration issues in Europe are politicized and thrust into the media spotlight more than ever before, Nuno Escudeiro documents the battle between the population and the authorities, who themselves blatantly violate human rights when refusing to process asylum seekers and minors' requests. This gripping and necessary chronicle rightfully reclaims the ethical duty of solidarity, criminalized by a perverted system." Hot Docs 

"Refreshing and clear-eyed portrayal of a small French community responding to an urgent humanitarian crisis at its doorstep with humility and generosity, often risking arrest for their championing of simple human rights." The Emerging International Filmmaker jury, Hot Docs

"The Valley is a refreshing call to action that challenges audiences to go rogue if they can no longer stand idle as the situation worsens." POV


:: Director: Nuno Escudeiro
:: Editor: Beatrice Segolini
:: Cinematography: Nikolaus von Schlebrügge
:: Sound: David Argi