STROOP :: A Susan Scott documentary

Stroop, documentary


Stroop is one of the most powerful things you’ll see this year: a gripping wildlife crime thriller of a documentary that takes the viewer on a rollercoaster ride between Africa and Asia. These first-time filmmakers embed themselves on the frontlines of the rhino poaching crisis where they are given exclusive access to the war as it unfolds on the ground. Carving out six months for the project, the two women quickly find themselves immersed in a world far larger and more dangerous than they had imagined, only emerging from their odyssey four years later.

“This film will change things,” said Africa Geographic, while The Daily Mail called it “The tell-all film”.

It’s produced by presenter Bonné de Bod and director Susan Scott. de Bod is an award-winning wildlife TV presenter (Rhino Blog, 50/50), winner of an ATKV Mediaveertjie and the prestigious Kudu Award for Best Journalist, while Scott has won three SAFTAs and a Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival award, as well the SAB Environmentalist of the Year for her writing and photography.


:: Winner of 25 awards at 30 International Film Festivals
:: Won both the Best of Festival and Best Independent or Feature Film title at the 2019 International Wildlife Film Festival (IWFF)
:: Garnered the 2019 Video Media (Long Form) award at the prestigious SAB Environmental Media of the Year awards 
:: Shortlisted among the 2019 finalists at Jackson Wild – arguably the Oscars of the wildlife film world – for Best Host/Presenter Led Film, as well as Best Impact Film (the first ever SA film to be nominated for this title) 
:: One of the film’s characters, renowned wildlife rehabilitator Karen Trendler, was also honoured with the Nick Steele Memorial Award for Environmentalist of the Year - the top nod at the award ceremony