RAGGA BOMB :: A Skrillex music video by Terence Neale

RAGGA BOMB A Skrillex music video by Terence Neale

From the moment the video starts, it leaves your mind wondering and trying to figure out where the setting is.

As a Mad Max fan, it draws you into a similar world but with African characters fused with modern elements of everyday ghetto life, where street boys become the kings of the streets.

Terence Neale’s signature is well crafted in this masterpiece, leaving you curious as to what is to come in the next couple of frames.

The grading choice of subtle de-saturation enhances the element of mystery and utter chaos, which is a buildup to the final fight scene at the end.

At this point you definitely have to appreciate  the intricate details that went into the costume design, cast selection, props and cinematography.

Everything about this video oozes with creativity, attention to detail, preparation and most of all imagination. This definitely has my vote.


Osborne Macharia is a self-taught photographer and music video director born and based in Nairobi, Kenya. 

This afrofuturist was a speaker a Design Indaba in 2017 and is a 2018 One Show judge. Other accolades include two inclusions in Lurzer's Archive 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide; the Behance Year in Review 2016; and being a Hasselblad Masters finalist. 

Look out for his styling in the Cannes Lions Gold-winning Absolut One Source campaign and his appearance as a superhero in its follow-up, Africa On Fire

We're expecting his Blinky Bill music videos, No Touch Am and Magadi, to be picked for our site very soon... 


:: Over 120m YouTube views
:: Best Music Video, One Screen, 2015
:: Gold Craft: Direction, Loeries, 2014
:: Gold Craft: Editing, Loeries, 2014
:: Gold Craft: Production Design, Loeries, 2014
:: Bronze, Clio Awards, 2014
:: Bronze: Above 90s, Loeries, 2014


:: Director: Terence Neale
:: Production company: Egg Films
:: Executive Producer: Colin Howard
:: Producer: Rozanne Rocha-Gray
:: Line Producer: Devi Lazanas
:: DoP: Michael Ragen
:: Art Direction: Michael Linders & Wendy Fredrikson
:: Costume Design: Elmi Badenhorst & Richard de Jager & Sandra Smit
:: Choreographer: David Mathamela
:: Editor: Evy Katz, Left Post Production
:: Colourist: Craig Simonetti, Pudding
:: VFX & Online: Jean du Plessis, Bladeworks