SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN :: A Malik Bendjelloul documentary about Rodriguez


I loved Searching For Sugar Man so much because the filmmaker constructed the story so very brilliantly. His mastery in evoking the human emotion through doc storytelling is really very inspiring. The story itself is so remarkable and the way it's told really does the story full justice. It's very sad that this great talent is no longer alive. It also captures a fascinating time in South African history, effortlessly blending it into the unfolding drama. This really is one of my favourite films of all time, as entertainment, as emotional inspiration, and as genius level filmmaking.


Former Wild Talk Africa festival manager Shani van Straaten picked Craig Foster's The Great Dance as her favourite African nature documentary on Having won over 50 international awards, including Best Film at Wildscreen, he and his brother Damon are two of Africa's top documentary filmmakers, so we were delighted when he agreed to return the favour and pick his favourite documentary for us.  


:: Best Documentary, Oscars, 2013
:: Best Documentary, BAFTA Awards, 2013
:: Directing Award, Directors Guild of America, 2013
:: Audience Award & Best Music Documentary, IDFA, 2012
:: Audience Award & Special Jury Prize, Sundance, 2012
:: 2nd Place, Audience Award, Tribeca, 2012
:: Best Screenplay, Writers Guild of America, 2013
:: Audience Award, Durban International Film Festival, 2012
:: Winner of over 40 international awards
:: 94% critics rating, Rotten Tomatoes
:: #30, Top 100 Movies: 2012, Rotten Tomatoes
:: 8.2/10 rating on IMDB


:: Writer-Director-Editor: Malik Bendjelloul
:: Camera: Camilla Skagerström
:: Original songs: Sixto Rodriguez
:: Based on an article by Stephen 'Sugar' Segerman & Craig Bartholomew-Strydom
:: Locations: South Africa, USA