PUMZI :: A Wanuri Kahiu short film


Africa. 35 years after World War III, the water war.


My favourite African short is Pumzi (2009) - it hit me hard when I first saw it, and I went, 'Oh yes. I knew we could do this!' Pumzi for me was hard proof that we could tell African stories that are both scientific and futuristic. It inspired me greatly, and would later on prove to be a source of vision for when I was making Hello, Rain.


The Nigerian Guardian called C.J. Obasi 'the genre filmmaker Nollywood needs.' His films include the Zombie film Ojuju, winner of Best Nigerian Film at AFRIFF; O-Town, which won Best Soundtrack at the AMAAs; and the short film Hello, Rain, which won a Special Mention at Fantasia and is based on a short story by Nebula, Hugo and World Fantasy Award winner Nnedi Okorafor.


:: City of Venice Award, Venice, 2010
:: Best Short, AFRIFF, 2010
:: Best Short Film, Cannes Independent Film Festival, 2010
:: Special Jury Prize, Zanzibar, 2010
:: Silver Prize for Best Short, Carthage, Tunisia, 2010


:: Writer/Director: Wanuri Kahiu
:: DoP: Grant Appleton
:: Editor: Dean Leslie
:: Visual effects: Simon Hansen
:: Cast: Kudzani Moswela, Tammy Richards & Nicole Bailey