NGWA :: Blick Bassy music video by Tebza

Blick Bassy 'Ngwa' music video by Tebza

NGWA A Blick Bassy music video by Tebza

Blick Bassy dedicated his album, 1958, to Ruben Um Nyobè and the heroes of the Cameroonian independence. Nyobè was a trade union leader, orator, humanist and visionary who was hunted down by the colonial army and butchered in 1958, his body buried in concrete to better erase his memory. 

The opening scenes resemble the first chapter of Kenyan novelist Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s book Matigari, where a freedom fighter lays down his arms, while the ending recalls the last words of South Africa's murdered political icon Solomon Mahlangu: "My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom.”

The song seeks to reconnect the Cameroonian people with their history, while the Lesotho-set visuals attempt to draw parallels between Cameroonian history and the history of Africa as a whole.


• Best Music Video nominee, Ciclope Africa, 2019
• "Stunning.... reclaims an important moment for Cameroon and does so with the utmost beauty and honesty." Coolhunting
• "Moving... richly symbolic and highly cinematic." Songlines


:: Production Company: The Star Film Co
:: Director: Tebza
:: Executive Producer: Ksenija Strydom-Micic
:: Co-Producers: Nomtha Dano and Mbuyi Makanda
:: Art Direction and Costume Designer: Tamzyn Botha
:: DoP: Justus de Jager
:: Post Production: Left Post Production
:: Editor: Saki “Fokken” Bergh
:: Colourist: Keno
:: Post Production: Geppetto’s Workshop
:: VFX: Gui Felix
:: Animation: Yolandi Meiring
:: Final Mix: Louis Enslin