LES MISERABLES :: A Ladj Ly movie

'Les Miserables' by Ladj Ly

Stéphane joins the Anti-Crime Brigade of Montfermeil and discovers the tensions between the different groups of the district. 


:: Jury Prize, Cannes, 2019


"An explosive debut feature... executed with enormous confidence and energy, building up to an apocalyptic ending that delivers on a gradual build-up of nervous tension. Punchy use of cop-thriller structure should give the film purchase with genre audiences, while newsworthy urgency should make it a talking point in France and beyond..." ScreenDaily

"An explosive first feature... something like Hugo’s classic story remixed by The Wire and Training Day — a gritty and fiery urban thriller underscored by scathing social commentary on the current state of the Paris suburbs, depicted here as a powder keg ready to pop." The Hollywood Reporter

"This intense cop drama finds little changed in the 150 years since Victor Hugo wrote about the strife in Montfermeil... a gripping and grounded procedural that probes the tensions between Paris’ anti-crime police and the poor Muslim population they torment and suppress." Indiewire

"A racially charged urban drama about the hostility between police and civilians – and between civilians and civilians – on a rubbish-strewn high-rise estate. It’s almost an update of Mathieu Kassovitz’s La Haine or Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, and while it won’t have the seismic impact of either of those masterpieces, a heart-stopping final sequence has more impact than most films have in their entirety." BBC


:: Director: Ladj Ly (Mali)
:: Writers: Ladj Ly, Giordano Gederlini & Alexis Manenti
:: Starring: Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Djibril Zonga, Issa Perica, Al-Hassan Ly