KARIBA :: A Blue Forest Collective teaser


Kariba is an African fairytale developed by Capetonian creatives The Blue Forest Collective.

Inspired by the construction of the 1950's Kariba Hydro-Electric Dam and the Tonga legend of the nyami nyami, this animated piece is a perfect blend of history, legend and imagination. 

I  first saw this beautifully crafted 2D trailer in 2015 and it immediately reminded me of Hayao Miyazaki films, I suppose in large to its dreamlike quality.

As a child I visited Lake Kariba (where the story is set)  and have grown up fascinated by the legend of the the nyami nyami, the snake-like river god.

Similar stories were told on the farm that I grew up in, in East Griqualand, which led me to create and develop my own mystical world.  Having grown up in such a natural environment, I am drawn to a piece with similar roots. It’s both inspiring and motivating seeing the beginnings of an epic, otherworldly story being bought to life.

I love the art direction and the colour palette. Every-time I re-watch the trailer, I have the same sense of anticipation and wonder I felt when seeing it for the first time. 

The shots are beautifully designed and there is an amazing sense of scale. 

I love the simplicity of the quiet spaces that appear in the film; it really captures the mood of the Zimbabwean natural landscape, the heavy still air broken by the movements of the smaller creatures living within the environment. 

The manner in which they've created a vast sense of scale and depth within the 2D environments is impressive.

The anticipation of the quiet moments leading up to the end reveal of the antagonist creates an amazing sense of tension and drama.

One is left intrigued to find out more about the female hero. To my delight, the creator Daniel Clarke as been developing the story as a graphic novel co-written by his brother James, which comes out this year (2018).  I’m very excited to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy.

It's amazing to see an independent group of people pulling off such a great piece. I'm absolutely dying to see this piece realised as a feature film.


Ree Treweek is a world-builder – a sculptor, painter, illustrator, animator and director.

We fell in love with Ree's work when she launched The Tale of How as part of The Blackheart Gang. The short animation went on to earn a Special Distinction at Annecy and the Canal+ Award at Clermont-Ferrand, among other honours. 

Since then, she co-founded first Shy the Sun and then Tulips & Chimneys, continuing to rake in awards everywhere from The Loeries to the Clios and D&AD. 


:: Reached Kickstarter goal in under 48 hours
:: 200% funded on Kickstarter
:: Nominee, Most Beautiful Object In SA, Design Indaba 2017


The Blue Forest Collective is
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